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M9 Plus Firmware Update

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Shanling M9 Plus Firmware V1.06

Use OTA update on your player or download update file from Google Drive(0.8GB)

We recommend to use manual update for faster update.

M9 Plus New system functions and changes:

1. Added system-wide support of LHDC 5.0

2. Adjusted Bluetooth Codec settings

3. Fixed issue with ISO playback in Shanling app

4. Fixed issue with Wav files tags in Shanling app

5. Other fixes and improvements

How to update:
1.   Make sure your device is fully charged.
2.   Copy downloaded .zip file into root folder of internal memory.
(without unpacking .zip file)
3.   Open “Support” app (purple light bulb icon). Go to “Update”, switch to “Local Update” and locate zip file.
4.   Confirm install and wait until device updates. Confirm message to restart device.

Over-the-Air firmware update
Android players can be updated to latest firmware version using Wi-Fi connection.
1.   Open “Support” app (purple light bulb icon).
2.   Tap on “Update” (might be “Upgrade” in older versions or in some other languages).
3.   App will find new firmware update for your Android player. You can choose from one of two servers and then proceed with downloading.
4.   When fully downloaded, confirm installation and wait until system finishes its automatic update. Confirm message to restart device.

Note: If latest version of firmware is already installed, player will show notification and will stop update.




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