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Founded in 1988, Shanling began to develop audio products and launched their first Hi-Fi stereo amplifier in the same year.

Shanling has launched new products every year since then and has obtained a series of patented technology qualifications, such as SONY LDAC, Bluetooth BQB, Japanese Audio Association Hi-Res, Microsoft's HDCD, Dolby Laboratories' Dolby Digital, DTS and DVD, SACD, CD patent licenses and many more.

Forover 30 years, Shanling’s employees kept integrity, innovation, team spirit and hard work in mind. There is no doubt that our employees are our treasure and that without them, we would never get to the Shanling of today. We believe customer’s satisfaction and quality of products are the highest priorities, the realization of user’s dream and sharing profit with our partners are our development power.

Today, main offices of Shanling are located in Shenzhen and factory is in Dongguang. Shanling is a high-tech company combining R&D, production, processing and sales of products, including Hi-Res portable music players, portable amplifiers, Hi-Fi headphones, SACD/CD players, Hi-Fi amplifiers, power conditioners and many other Hi-Fi products. We have established close relationship with many international top hi-end manufacturers and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.

Developed and produced equalizers with integrated LED spectrum displays / integrated Hi-Fi amplifiers.
Established Audio Equipment Factory in Jieyang TV University , launched VFD spectrum display equalizer EQ9000 / BBD reverberator.
Developed A-938 with a full-remote 2×100W combined power amplifier with karaoke function / EQ9200A equalizer.
Launched CD player SCD-939 by using PHILIPS CDM4 rocker optical head
Developed and produced a series of karaoke devices (MAA-350, MAA-500 and MAA-555 with variable-tuning function, using Mitsubishi M50195 and M65831 reverberation chips) / a combined karaoke amplifier A-950.
Moved to Shenzhen and established Shenzhen Shanling Electronics Co., Ltd., launched Dolby Pro Logic Decoding Amplifier SAV-69032 / Surround Sound Amplifier S681AVK.
Passed DNV audit and obtained ISO9001 quality certification.
Launched Hi-Fi amplifier PA-777, PA-800, PA-900, Class A SLM-A40 / electrically tuned tuner F-300.
Developed and produced HDCD-10, HDCD-12 and HDCD-24 / 5.1 channel AV amplifier AV-80, AV-698.
Launched CD-S100 / miniature stereo PCS-2 / SAV-2010 decoder / F-330 tuner.
The Shanling's first Tube based CD player CD-T100 was made, Shanling Audio officially entered international market, and launched 7.1-channel AV power amplifier SAV-899, SAV-898.
Start metal processing, the first SACD player SCD-T200 came out, and the split-type tube amplifier SP-80 debuted.
All-aluminum series Hi-End products launched: CD-T100C / SCD-T200C / SCD-S200 / CD-A10T.
Shanling Digital Dept merged with Shanling Electronics Dept, acquired Tongguang-Nortel Chiwan Building, launched STP-80 / SAV-2020 / SCD-S300 / limited edition CD-T300.
Launched monitor-grade CD500 player / monitor-grade A500 Hi-Fi integrated power amplifier / A100 combined power amplifier / CD100 CD player / TU100 FM tuner.
Launched CD300 CD player / A300 combined power amplifier / personal audio center P300 series (including PCD300 CD player / PCD300A with headphone amplifier CD player / PH300 preamp / headphone amplifier / PDA300 DAC amplifier / PA300 mono power amplifier
Launched CD-3/ MC-2 / STP-1 & MC300 series stereos with iPod Dock
Launched CD-T300se tube CD player / SCD200 SACD player.
Launched CD-S100 (09) / CD-S100 (10) CD player / CD-T80se / CD-T100MKII / CD-T2000 tube CD player / SLM-A40se Class A power amplifier / MAA-700 Karaoke processor / DAC-50 D/A converter / MC-3MKII music center (combination) / SP-8000 mono vacuum power tube amplifier.
Launched CD1.1 / CD2.1 vacuum tube CD player / A1.1, A2.1 high fidelity power amplifier.
Launched CD3.1 vacuum tube CD player / A3.1 high fidelity power amplifier
Launched the 25th Anniversary Edition 600 new flagship series, a true Hi-end class model, Including D600 DAC decoder / T600 turntable / P600 bile preamplifier / A600 mono pure post-amplifier. The M3.1 network digital music player launched at the beginning of the year, as well as the H1.1 high-format decoder, was also well received by the market.
The upgrade of all CD players, decoders, and amplifier products from ".1" to ".2". In the same year, developed the first portable Hi-Fi music player of Shanling----Shanling M3
Launched the entry-level music portable player----Shanling M2, which quickly won the market with its nice user interface, unique appearance, excellent craftsmanship, and cost-effective sound. In the same year, PCS2.2 CD player was launched.
Launched the flagship portable player----Shanling M5. In the same year launched the Shanling M1 portable player, quickly becoming best-selling models in its category.
The Shanling M2s and Shanling M3s are two portable players that have been well received by the market and have achieved excellent sales.
Launched the Shanling M0, as a first model from new generation of Shanling portable players. Shanling M0 quickly become top selling player in its category thanks to its miniature size, newly developed touch interface and advanced Bluetooth connectivity. New flagship portable player Shanling M5s was launched at the end of the year, alongside Shanling’s first earphones, Shanling ME100.

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