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How to buy

User Registration

Fill in personal information, submit it, and successfully send an email to activate the account.

User Login

Log in according to the registered username and password, and after logging in, you can select products

Personal Information Modification

Users can modify their 
personal information
*  Choose products based on personal needs. After selecting the products, you can freely change the quantity of products you need to purchase. After confirmation, submit and add them to the shopping cart
* You can leave messages, consult online, and consult with customer service for products of interest. You can also add the product to your collection
*  Shopping Cart. You can choose to remove the selected items from the shopping cart. You can change the quantity and package type of the items, and after confirming the selection, you can proceed with payment processing using PayPal and other methods,
*  After successful payment, you can check the logistics status of the purchased goods
*  After a successful purchase transaction, evaluate the product




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