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Introducing Shanling SONO

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With SONO Earphones, Shanling takes a much closer look at the highly popular sub-100 USD earphone market. And while Sono sits outside of the normal ME or MG earphone lines, it still follows the high standards set by Shanling in the Hi-Fi market over its 35 years of history.

Featuring a triple-driver hybrid construction, utilizing a quite unique coaxial design of its two dynamic drivers, in combination with a single custom-made balanced armature driver. All fitted into a newly designed ergonomic shell for improved comfort, made from durable zinc alloy.

Shipping now to distributors



- Triple Driver Hybrid

- Single Custom-made Balanced Armature for Treble

- Two Dynamic Drivers in Coaxial Design

- 6.8mm Midrange driver with Liquid Crystal Diaphragm

- 9.2mm Bass driver with Bio-Diaphragm

- Two interchangeable nozzles for sound adjustment

- Full Zinc Alloy Construction

- Interchangeable cable using 0.78mm 2-pin

- Silver-Plated Copper Cable

- Accessories: Carrying Case, 4 pairs of eartips, two tunning nozzles, 3.5mm Wired cable




Technical Support: info@shanling.com
Order Inquiry: shop@shanling.com​​​​​​​

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